Pam Weston penned a poignant letter to the editor of the Toronto Star about the announcement that the Princess of Wales will be pulled down.


Sad to see this theatre go

Published on Tuesday October 09, 2012


I am writing because last week’s news that David Mirvish plans to tear down the Princess of Wales Theatre has hit me on a much more personal level than it would most Torontonians. You see, I have spent more time there than almost anyone else.

I have had the good fortune to have been the wardrobe supervisor on every show that originated at the Princess of Wales, from Miss Saigon to War Horse. In between, I have dressed the famous and the not-so-famous. I have had Happy Birthday sung to me by hobbits, orcs and lions.

After more than 19 years, I think of the Princess of Wales Theatre as my home away from home so I will be very sad to see her go. When the Princess of Wales Theatre becomes a hole in the ground, it will leave a hole in my life.

Pamela Weston, Toronto–sad-to-see-this-theatre-go